What is SidePlate?

SidePlate® is a design optimization process utilizing SidePlate moment frame technology that puts steel exactly where it is needed in a building. Our process reduces overall tonnage, minimizes required connections and accelerates erection times. The SidePlate team gets involved early and stays involved through the engineering, detailing, fabrication and erection phases to ensure a simple and successful project.

How does this apply to your business as the General Contractor? Savings—and confidence. Getting a SidePlate no-cost evaluation of your project could save you steel, erection time, schedule time, inspector fees and even allow a little more flexibility in who you select as a fabricator and erector. Adding SidePlate to your team is like adding an entire specialized engineering department focused just on the steel structure.

Our design optimization process takes a look at what makes the most sense for your project. Is concrete right? Will brace frames affect your useable space and complicate construction? Can a steel moment frame building save you foundation costs? We take a look at all the possibilities and in almost every case, the strength and stiffness of a SidePlate designed structure will reduce the lateral steel package cost by as much as 20-30%.

Savings are realized in lighter steel packages, faster erection with our field-bolted designs, less crane time, more accurate scheduling and, depending on your location and type of project, no on-site inspectors and fire safety.

When you start to think about past projects and the delays and frustrations, having SidePlate take a look at your next project makes sense. Our design can be built by any fabricator you select, and any erector can facilitate your SidePlate or SidePlate PLUS project. A no-cost third-party evaluation of your project can only end up as a benefit and remember, SidePlate is not compensated unless the team agrees that our design is the best option.

Remember, it is almost never too late to let us take a look at your project. There is no cost to you for the initial evaluation and the easiest way to start is to contact the REGIONAL ENGINEER in your area.

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