What is SidePlate?

SidePlate® is a design optimization process utilizing SidePlate moment frame technology that puts steel exactly where it is needed in a building. Our process reduces overall tonnage, minimizes required connections and accelerates erection times. The SidePlate team gets involved early and stays involved through the engineering, detailing, fabrication and erection phases to ensure a simple and successful project.

How does this impact your business as a Fabricator? First, you need no special equipment to fabricate a SidePlate project. Next, your team will save days, or even weeks, in the detailing process thanks to our Tekla/SDS2 components that plug right in.  Our estimate files will assure accuracy and expedite the process significantly.

When you are done utilizing our supplied estimates and software plug-ins you can count on very accurate bids helping you win jobs and increase profitability. Technicians in your shop will absolutely enjoy the thoroughly detailed and logical plans SidePlate delivers. The simple plates, bolts, and fillet welds will sail through the shop with SidePlate there to support you along the way.

Working with SidePlate means complete connection drawings, fillet-welds and the ability to plan your project with increased confidence. Getting the project you build erected with no in-field welding is sure to make your project go smoother, be simpler, minimize field questions and, in the end, increase profitability.

Remember, it is almost never too late to let us take a look at your project. There is no cost to you for the evaluation and the easiest way to start is to contact the REGIONAL ENGINEER in your area.

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