Workplace Bliss

Our team of 30+ structural engineers, software engineers, and support staff are based in Mission Viejo, California and throughout the US. Our culture is dynamic and fosters an environment of development, advancement, and success. Our People First culture is driven from both the top down and the ground up throughout the organization. Our parent company, MiTek, works closely with us to create a culture that honors, influences, inspires and engages our entire team to do our very best. 

This is evident with our top ranking each year on the "Best Firms to Work For" list. Our corporate values are reflected in the success of the team. Our office environment is relaxed but focused. Our office design and amenities foster team work, communication, and collaboration. 

Community and family are important to SidePlate and we offer an environment that provides employees the opportunity to have a successful career balanced with their family and community commitments. 

We know that many companies talk about having a great culture. But how can you be sure we have one?  Just ask our customers who see these values in action and have rewarded us with YOY growth of 20% for the past 4 years.

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